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Customers in Metal and Ore-Dressing Industries

ENCE GmbH Company (Hergiswil, Switzerland) supplies packaged solutions for integrated projects, individual process equipment and component parts to the following customers in non-ferrous, ferrous metal industries and ore-dressing industry in the CIS countries.


Via representative offices in Moscow, Nizhny Tagil, Lipetsk ENCE GmbH supplies equipment to the following customers in Russia:

Plant name Scope of activity
JSC Severstal
One of the world’s largest steel producers with operations in 10 countries. In 2010 Severstal’s steel production volume amounted to 14,7 million tonnes.
JSC Magnitogorsk iron and Steel Works (JSC MMK)
Russia’s largest steel production complex comprising production stages from raw material preparation to downstream processing of ferrous metals. In 2010 production volume made up 11,4 million tonnes of steel and 10,4 million tonnes of metal products.
JSC Novolipetsk Steel (JSC NLMK)
One of the world’s leading suppliers of slabs and transformer steel. The largest supplier of pre-painted, galvanized and electrical steel and long steel products. Annual production volume is 12,6 million tonnes of steel.
LTD Evraz Holding (EVRAZ Group S.A.)
One of the largest steel, mining and vanadium companies with operations in several countries. Production capacity makes up 16,3 million tonnes of steel per year.
JSC Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works (JSC NTMK)
Nizhny Tagil
Part of EVRAZ Group S.A.
Producer of rolled products for railways, including: rails, wheels and tyres, wide-flange beams, profiled columns, as well as pipe blanks for pipe plants and structural steel products.
JSC Consolidated West Siberian Iron and Steel Works (JSC ZapSib ZMSK)
Part of EVRAZ Group S.A.
Produces coke chemical products: coke, coal concentrate, ammonium sulphate, benzene, toluene, etc. Other products include iron and steel casting, forged pieces, and rolled products (rods, angle bars, beams, channel bars, wire).
JSC Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel plan (NKMK)
Part of EVRAZ Group S.A.
A leading rail producer
Russia’s leading mining and steel company operating in several countries around the world. The company’s production capacity totals approximately 6 million tonnes of steel, 5,4 million tonnes of rolled products, 3,3 million tonnes of coke per year. Owns power generating assets.
JSC Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (ChMK)
Produces pig iron, steel semi-finished, long and flat products from different grade steel.
JSC Izhstal
Russia’s leading specialty steel and stainless long products manufacturer.
JSC Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant
Beloretsk, the Republic of Bashkortostan
Produces steel ropes, spring wire, reinforcement strands, high-strength wire and bearing wire, as well as micro-wire.
ZAO United Metallurgical Company (OMK)
Some products include: pipes for various applications, railway wheels, springs, rolled products, cast iron, ferrovanadium, coke, micro steel wire.
JSC Vyksa Steel Works (VMZ)
Part of OMK.
Produces pipes for main gas and oil pipelines, general purpose pipes (water and gas supply pipes), casing pipes, shaped pipes.
JSC Oskol Elektrometallurgical Plant (OEMK)
Stary Oskol
Produces 3,3 million tonnes of steel annually. Products include: semi-finished pipes, bearing steel, high-strength rod, hardware, etc.
JSC Metallurgic Plant Named After A.K.Serov
Under management of LTD UGMK Steel.
Produces about 400 grades of high-quality long rolled products.
JSC Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PnTZ)
Produces seamless and welded pipes, lined and profied pipes, return bends, compressed gas cylinders, etc.
JSC Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant (ChelPipe)
Produces welded, hot seamless finished pipes of small and large diameters, tubing and casing with couplings, seamless cold finished pipes, lined and profiled pipes, etc.
JSC Metallurgical Plant ELECTROSTAL
Produces a range of products made from heat resistant alloys, precision and titanium alloys, stainless steel, high speed steel, tool steel, ball bearing steel, structural steel.
JSC Chusovoy Metallurgical Works (CMW)
Some products include: cast iron, vanadium cast iron, nitrided and siliconized ferrovanadium, vanadium pentoxide, automobile spring plates, etc.
JSC Ashinskiy Metallurgical Works
Producer of hot rolled sheet and plate metal products, cold rolled sheet metal products, amorphous alloy steel bands, magnetic cores, etc.
JSC TechInvestStroy (Kashira Coated Steel Plant, KZSP)
Production and marketing of galvanized 0,3-1,3 mm-thick sheet steel.
ZAO Filit Moscow Pipe Plant
Producer of carbon and stainless grade steel
JSC Moscow Special Alloy Processing Plant
Russian Aluminum United Company (RUSAL UC)
One of the largest alumina and aluminium with operations in 19 countries.
JSC Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter (KrAZ)
Part of RUSAL UC
Accounts for 24% of aluminium production in Russia. Produces primary aluminium, alloys (slabs, billets, ingots), high purity aluminium, etc.
JSC Nadvoitsy Aluminium Smelter (NAZ)
Nadvoitsy, Petrozavodsk
Part of RUSAL UC
The smelter’s annual capacity is 81,000 tonnenes of aluminium. Produces primary aluminium and aluminium alloys.
JSC Urals Aluminium Smelter (UAZ)
Part of RUSAL UC
Produces primary aluminium, slabs, small ingots from aluminium alloys and alumina.
JSC Novokuznetsk Aluminium Smelter (NkAZ)
Part of RUSAL UC
Produces primary small and large ingots, T-bars, billets from aluminium alloys.
JSC Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter
Sayanogorsk, Khakassia
Part of RUSAL UC
Produces primary aluminium, slabs, T-bars, billets.
JSC Achinsk Alumina Refinery (AGK)
Part of RUSAL UC
Alumina of the highest grade (G-00), calcined soda. Capacity makes up 1,069,000 tonnes of alumina per annum.
ZAO Vektron Managing Company
Managing company of a high-quality galvanized steel/steel products production group.
LTD UNISTUD (United Studs Company)
Part of ZAO Vektron Managing Company
Produces flat-rolled galvanized steel products. Capacity amounts to 60 000 tonnes of galvanized steel.
JSC Svyatogor
Managing company: UGMK Holding
Integrated blister copper plant which annually processes 2,6 million tonnes of ore.
JSC Sredneuralsky Copper Smelter (SUMZ)
Managing company: UGMK Holding
Some products include: blister copper, sulfuric acid, potassium ethyl xanthate, tripolyphosphate, etc.
JSC GMK Norilsk Nickel Polar Division
Produces copper-nickel sulfide ores, enriches ores to produce nickel, copper and pyrrhotite concentrates, which are further processed into marketable copper, elementary sulfur, sulfuric acid, marketable nickel and cobalt, as well as into precious metals, silver, selenium and tellurium.
JSC Vorkutaugol
Part of JSC Severstal Mining Division
One of Russia’s largest producers of coking coal – an indispensable metallurgical industry raw material.
Gaisky GOK (Ore Mining and Dressing Plant)
Managing company: UGMK Holding
The enterprise is one of Russia’s largest plants producing copper and zinc concentrates, construction crushed stone, limestone, etc. Main produce includes: copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, copper pyrite, crushed stone, ceramic tile.
JSC EVRAZ KGOK (Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise)
Part of EVRAZ Group S.A.
One of the largest iron ore raw material producers in Russia.
JSC Vysokogorsky GOK (Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise)
Nizhny Tagil
Part of EVRAZ Group S.A.
Main produce: iron ore extracted from open and closed pit mines, magnetically separated concentrate, blast-furnace sinter, limestone, dunite, crushed stone, sand and crushed stone mix, and some other products.
JSC Kovdorsky GOK(Ore Mining and Processing Facility)
Part of JSC MHK EuroChem
Kovdorskiy GOK is a large, backbone enterprise in Kovdor, Murmanskaya Oblst. Russia’s second largest producer of apatite concentrate and the only producer of baddeleyite concentrate in the world. A large producer of iron-ore concentrate.
JSC Uchalinskiy GOK (Ore Mining and Processing Facility)
Managing company: UGMK Holding
Produces copper and zinc concentrate, sulfuric flotation pyrite.
Lebedinsky GOK (Ore Mining and Processing Plant)
One of the largest iron ore raw material producers in Russia.
LTD Rostov Electrometallurgical Works (LTD REMZ)
Shakhty, Rostovskaya oblast
LTD REMZ is a new type of plant producing high quality steel utilizing continuous casting method. Plant capacity amounts to 730 000 tonnes of steel per annum.


ENCE GmbH representative office in Kiev ( supplies equipment to the following customers in Ukraine:

Plant name Scope of activity
Krivoy Rog
Part of VEKTRON Managing Company.
The company’s product range includes galvanized coil, galvanized sheet and galvanized strip. Annual production capacity – 100 thousand tons of galvanized steel products.
OOO Nikolaev Alumina Refinery (NGZ)
Part of RUSAL UC
Products: Metallurgical alumina, metal gallium, aluminous cake
OAO Nikopol Ferrroalloy Plant
A large industrial plant, one of the largest plants of metallurgical sector in Ukraine, the largest ferroalloy plant in Europe and the world’s second-largest producer of manganese alloy.
Makiivka subsidiary of EMZ PAO (Makiivka metallurgical plant)
The major scope of activity is production of shapes for construction. Makiivka subsidiary is a leading producer of rail fastening for railway vehicles.
PJSC EVRAZ - Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky,
Part of EVRAZ Group S.A.
One of the leading producers of cast iron, steel and rolled products in Ukraine.
Zaporizhstal Integrated Iron & Steel Works JSC
Producer of high quality metal products — cast iron, steel, carbon, low–alloy, alloy and stainless steel slabs, roll–formed sections, sheet iron, construction materials and consumer goods.
State owned Eastern Mining And Processing Complex
Zhovty Vody
The only enterprise in Ukraine engaged in the mining and production of uranium ore. The plant also produces sulphuric acid as well as machinery and instrumentation for mining.
PJSC Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works (GOK)
Krivoy Rog
Part of Metinvest Group
Northern GOK is the leading mining industry plant in Ukraine, one of the largest ore-mining plants in Europe with complete cycle of blast furnace raw material preparation: iron-ore concentrate and pellets.
State owned Gas Turbine Research & Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt,
The plant designs and produces gas turbines for sea-going merchant fleet and navy, for power industry and gas transport mains opening up new possibilities for the world.
Poltavski GOK
The largest plant in Ukraine engaged in production and export of iron-ore pellet applied in iron-and-steel industry.
PJSC Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works
Krivoy Rog
Part of Metinvest Group
The plant provides for the whole process cycle of prepared raw products for metallurgical plants (from raw ore production to iron-ore pellets production). Products: non-fluxed iron-ore pellets, country-rock break stone and iron formation dry magnetic beneficiation refuse.


ENCE GmbH representative offices in Almaty and Atyrau supply equipment to the following customers in Kazakhstan:

Plant name Scope of activity
AO Donskoy GOK
AO TNK Kazchrome subsidiary, part of ENRC Ferroalloys Division
The plant offers the following products: chromium ore and minerals, plutonic rocks, granite, magnesium minerals, ceramic and clinker construction materials, ceramic and clinker pressed brick, ceramic roof tile, magnesite, ores, ore minerals of alloy agents.
Vostochny Open Pit Coal Mine
In 1996 the plant became part of ENRC Corporation.
Vostochny coal mine was put into operation in 1985. In the years of its operation, more than 240 million tonnes of coal has been produced. The plant design capacity is 20 million tonnes of coal per annum.
Kazakhmys PLC, Zhezkazgan region
The company’s main scope of activity is copper production. Zhezkazgan region is Kazakhmys’s largest ore mining and dressing area.
TOO Kazzinc
Kazzinc is a large zinc producer. A significant part of its production is taken up by associated products, e.g. copper, precious metals and lead.
Kazakhmys PLC, PO Belhashcvetmet
PO Belhashcvetmet produces and processes copper ore.
TOO Casting Steel Works
TOO Casting is a diversified production enterprise processing secondary ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
TOO Ekibastuz GRES-1
Owners: Kazakhmys PLC (50% of shares) and AO Samruk-Kazyna
A condensing power generation and distribution plant. The plant’s main fuel is coal produced at Ekibastuz deposits. The plant’s current capacity is 2500 MW.
Aksku GRES
Part of ENRC’s Energy Division
Kazakhstan’s largest power producer. In 2006 its input into power production in Kazakhstan amounted to 16%.
OAO Ferrochrome (Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant)
AO TNK Kazchrome subsidiary, part of ENRC Ferroalloys Division
Kazakhstan’s pioneer of ferrous metallurgy. The plant was commissioned in 1943. The plant’s main product are ferroalloys: low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon ferrochrome, 48% ferrochrome silicon, metallic chromium, metallic concentrate.
AO Eurasian Energy Corporation
is part of ENRC Energy Division
One of the largest producers of electricity and coal in Kazakhstan. The corporation includes the Aksu power plant which connects the power systems of western Siberia, the Altai region and North-East Kazakhstan, and the Vostochny open-pit coal mine.
AO National Atomic Company KazAtomProm,
The company is the national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan for import and export of uranium, rare metals, nuclear fuel for power plants, special equipment and dual-purpose materials. Kazatomprom is one of the world’s leading uranium-mining companies.
The enterprise renders services in operation, maintenance, repair and installation of power engineering, compressor and electrical equipment at Karagachansk gas condensate field.
TOO SP Betpak Dala,
part of AO NAC KazAtomProm
The plant is engaged in extraction of commercial minerals, containing radioactive materials, including uranium.
Arcelor Mittal Temirtau
The leading metallurgical plant of the Republic. Full-scale steel plant. Hot- and cold-rolled steel, galvanized strip.


ENCE GmbH representative office in Tashkent ( supplies equipment to the following customers in Uzbekistan:

Plant name Scope of activity
OJSC Uzbek Metallurgical Enterprise
The plant produces hot rolled steel, reinforcing steel, hot rolled steel round and square bars, strips, angles, channels, balls, nuts, bolts, nails, as well as gaseous and liquid argon.
JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex
The plant’s production capacity for copper-bearing ore makes up 31 million tonnes per annum, zinc-lead ore production volume is 0,5 million tonnes per annum. Copper-molybdenum ore annual processing capacity is 29,12 million tonnes. The complex produces perrhenate ammonium, metallic cadmium, copper cathodes, copper sulphate, process selenium, sulfuric acid, tellurium, zinc.

In Eastern European Countries

Plant name Scope of activity
U.S.Kosice S.R.O.
Kosice, Slovak Republic
Modern integrated iron-and-steel works. The largest producer of galvanized steel in Eastern Europe.
ArcelorMittal Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia
The largest integrated iron-and-steel works to produce galvanized and painted steel.
Arselor Mittal Poland
Katowice, Poland
Producer of cold rolled steel and coated steel.
ISD Dunaferr Group
Dunaújváros, Hungary
Producer of hot rolled and cold rolled steel, galvanized steel.

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