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Equipment delivered by engineering company

Engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) together with its employees from the representative offices in Ukraine (Kiev), Russia (Moscow, Nizhny Tagil, Lipetsk, Cherepovets), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), as well as those from the service centers – OOO INTECH SA (LLC Intech SA) / Kiev / Ukraine, ТОО INTECH СА (LLC Intech SA) / Almaty / Kazakhstan, ООО INTECH GmbH (LLC Intech GmbH) / Moscow / Russia and OOO ENCE engineering (ENCE engineering) / Moscow / Russia, specializes in solving non-standard complex problems in modernization of production, packaged supplies of process equipment and units, engineering, expert and after-sales services, our company is ready to accomplish construction of processing facilities and units on a turn-key basis with its further after-sales and after-guarantee services fulfilled by our specialists.

As an exclusive authorized representative of a number of international global manufacturers that produce various process equipment focused on the CIS countries’ territory, engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is able to deliver equipment at minimum possible cost.

The fact that ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ), as well its service centers: OOO INTECH СА (LLC Intech SA) / Kiev / Ukraine, TOO INTECH СА (LLC Intech SA) / Almaty / Kazakhstan, ООО INTECH GmbH (LLC Intech GmbH) / Moscow / Russia and OOO ENCE engineering (ENCE engineering) / Moscow / Russia have a developed logistics and storage infrastructure allows to promptly resolve the issues regarding equipment delivery and customs clearance on any terms and conditions that are favorable to the Customer.

To have a look at the range of products for a definite branch of industry that are offered by ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ), please follow one of the links below:

  • Equipment for oil-and-gas production
    • Drilling equipment complex;
    • Wellhead equipment and Xmas tree;
    • Oil treatment plants;
    • Reservoir pressure maintenance units;
    • Oil-heating units;
    • Electric power plants on APG;
    • Turbo-expanders;
    • Flaring systems;
    • Pumping modules;
  • Equipment for chemistry, petrochemistry and oil and gas processing:
    • Filtration plants;
    • Mini oil refinery;
    • Combined heat and powerplants;
    • Float fractions collectingunits;
    • Sea water desalination units
    • Fire fighting systems;
    • High pressure water jet systems;
    • Tank roofs;
    • Leak-free filling systems;
    • Pipeline junctionunits;
    • Incinerators;
    • Sewage treatment systems;
    • Gas compressors;
    • Steam turbines;
    • High speed centrifugal pumps;
    • Centrifugal leakproof pumps;
    • Centrifugal corrosion-resistant pumps;
    • Process piston pumps;
    • Metering diaphragm and piston pumps;
    • Heat-exchanging and capacitive equipment;
    • Refractory materials;
    • Shutoff and control valves, gate valves, valves
  • Ore-dressing equipment
    • Hydrocyclone units;
    • Fiber glass platforms;
    • Wear resistant liners;
    • Sampling systems;
    • Slurry pumps;
    • Slurry parallel-slide gate valves;
    • Ore-sizing machines
  • Equipment for metallurgy
    • Cold and hot rolling mills;
    • Press-forging plants;
    • Flat-grinding and roll-grinding machines;
    • Powered trucks;
    • Hot dipgalvanizing lines for steel strips or metal structures;
    • Steel strippolymeric coating lines;
    • Heat treatment furnaces and reheating furnaces;
    • Refractory materials;
    • Slitting-and-shearing line;
    • Sheet-bending machine;
    • Mould tubes;
    • Auxiliaryequipment – centrifugal and piston pumps, shutoff valves.

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