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Ore-dressing and processing equipment

The ore-dressing and processing division of the company компании ENCE GmbH specializes in development and non-standard application of engineering solutions for different workplace issues. Upon the customer’s request we can perform modernization of present production, develop, complete and supply an additional turn-key line or stage to existing processes. The company being an official representative for a number of world-known brands at the CIS market offers turn-key supplies of the following equipment:

1. Complex equipment and plants.

Complex equipment and plants

1.1. Custom-designed lifting baskets/cages for unloading mine roadway products/output and personnel transportation.

1.2. High-angle conveyors are designed for continuous linear multilevel bulk material transportation.

Complex equipment and plants

Each conveyor is custom-designed, requires less production floor space and operates easily even at 90 C inclination angle.

2. Filter presses

The main characteristics are:

Filter presses

3. Belt-conveyor weighers and feeders

Belt-conveyor weighers and feeders

Weigh feeders are specially designed for heavy duty operating conditions. The distinctive properties of the offered weigh feeders are:

  • Weighing error 0,25%
  • Applied all over the world in various industries
  • 100% SFT digital strain gage
  • No need in on site calibration
  • Due to construction features the installation is very easy
  • Built-in overload protection, IP65 / NEMA 4
  • Automatic belt zero calibration allowing accurate weight measurement
  • Automatic belt weight control allowing material adhesion control
  • Automatic empty belt control
  • Automatic product analysis – "empty belt operating time" indication for preset time interval
  • Programmed/preset parameters electronic switch protection

4. Equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

Cyclone equipment of different performance variations with degree of separation up to 5 µm.

5. The wide range of various equipment and accessories for mining industry:

5.1. Hydrocyclones of O 70mm-1450 mm, hydrocyclone systems including pulp distributors at the inlet, overflow and underflow tanks. Materials: polyurethane, steel casting, rubber-lined plastics (rubber thickness 15 and 25 mm), silicon carbide.

5.2. Glass fiber products. Wear- and corrosion resistant fiberglass floor gratings.

5.3. Centrifuges and gravity-feed spiral concentrators.

5.4. Flotation plant rotors and stators of different manufacturers/brands.

5.5. Rubber mill linings, rubber panels and other elements.

5.6. Ceramic products: ceramic impellers, hydrocyclone nozzles, pipes and pipe-bends.

5.7. Rubber and rubber-ceramic wear-resistant linings of hoppers.

5.8. Bulk material anti-adhesion coatings.

5.9. Ore sampling equipment, conveyor- or pulp-based.

equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

equipment for centrifugal separation

6. Pumps for concentrating industry and transfer of waste products of various industries:

6.1. Horizontal quick- dismountable pumps for abrasive slurry transfer, with removable hard lining from metal, elastomer, polyurethane, alloy.
Flow rate: Q=15m³/hr - 8000 m³/hr
Head: Н=max. 80 m

6.2. Vertical pumps for abrasive slurry transfer.
Flow rate: Q=13m³/hr - 140 m³/hr
Head: max. 35 m

6.3. Submersible slurry pumps for transfer of dense slurries with solids content values up to 65% by weight.
Depth of submergence: max. 28 m
Solids size: max. 70 mm
Motor power: 30-90 kW
Flow rate: max. 600 m³/hr
Max. head: 10-60 m

6.4. Pumps for gravel transfer
Solids content: max. 65%
Flow rate: 540 m³/hr
Max. head: 70 m

6.5. Water jet pumps.

6.6. Peristaltic pumps
Flow rate 0,01 – 80 m³/hr
Differential pressure: max. 16 bar
Generates negative pressure at the suction end for pumping liquids with depth differential of 9,5 m.

6.7. Diaphragm pumps
Flow rate: max. 50 m³/hr
Discharge pressure: max. 6,9 bar

6.8. Portable pumps for pumping water with slit, sand and other admixtures; using rechargeable 12 V batteries
Pump weight: 15-26 kg
Soft impurities particle size: max. 38 mm
Pressure: max. 2 bar
Flow rate: 0,16 – 1,14 m³/hr

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

slurry pumps

7. Slurry valves / RSA

Slurry-design flat knife gate valves

DN 50-1500 mm
PN 6-16 bar

Slurry valves Slurry valves Slurry valves

8. Ore-picking equipment for on-conveyor ore separation by the following techniques:

Ore-picking equipment

Optional color method
Radiometric method
Electromagnetic method
X-ray-ultraviolet-luminescent method
Microwave method
Radio-resonance method

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