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Machining equipment

According to the customer’s technical requirements, the engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is ready to offer different types of high precision and automation metalworking machining equipment, at lowest prices, with European quality of design and reliability.

With its wide network of representative offices in CIS countries – Ukraine (Kiev), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Russia (Nizhny Tagil, Ufa, Lipetsk, Cherepovets, Moscow), Kazakhstan (Atyrau, Almaty), ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) is ready to contact quickly any customer to specify the technical requirements and delivery terms. If needed, in case of any special requirements to the equipment arise, the specialists of the representative office can visit the customer to optimize the solution effectiveness to the desired conditions of precision, overall characteristics, efficiency and performance.

ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) can make delivery on a turn-key basis through its regional service centers in Ukraine – LLC INTECH SA (ООО ИНТЕХ СА), in Russia – LLC INTECH GmbH (ООО ИНТЕХ ГмбХ), LLC ENCE engineering (ООО ЭНЦЕ инжиниринг), in Kazakhstan – LLC INTECH SA (ТОО ИНТЕХ СА). The specialists of ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) provide installation supervision, intermediate maintenance and, at customer's request, after-sales service of the equipment supplied to the customer.

Machining equipment range supplied

Milling machines

Application: mechanical treatment of flat and profiled surfaces of different revolution bodies, gears, gear wheels etc.

Milling machines

Treatment in a milling machine occurs when the work piece fixed on the table and performing linear or curvilinear motion preset by the control system controller contacts rotating cutter fixed in the machine spindle.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) can offer the following constructive types of milling machines:

  • Universal milling machines with a turntable
  • Versatile milling machines with several cutter heads
  • Versatile milling machines with vertical working plane of the main table and cross motion of the spindle
  • Horizontal milling machines
  • Bed-type milling machines
  • Vertical and horizontal base-type milling machines
  • Continuously operated rotary-table milling machines
  • Gantry-type milling machines

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Universal milling machines

Universal milling machines are used to process different surfaces of small, low-weight parts, for piece- and serial production.

Milling of parts and work pieces on the machines is performed using different milling cutter types, such as cylindrical, disc, end and angular milling cutters.

Milling of helical, vertical, horizontal surfaces, grooves, fissures, angles can be performed using the universal milling machine.

The machine design is as follows: all the main machine units are located on the base; gearbox and spindle unit are mounted inside the base. A knee supporting the gearbox moves along vertical guide of the base, rotary device with a fixed rotary table moves crosswise along the knee guides on the slides. The machine rotary device allows turning the table around 90° vertical axis. As a result, the table can move in horizontal direction around different angles aslant to the spindle axis. Rotation torque is conveyed from the engine to the spindle through the gearbox, where different types of milling cutters are fixed using a special holder, for treatment of parts surfaces.

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Horizontal milling machines

The basic constructive difference of this machine from a universal milling machine is the absence of the rotary device, which restricts the movement of the table. In horizontal milling machine the table can move either perpendicularly or parallel to the spindle guide.

Vertical knee-type milling machines

Vertical knee-type milling machines
Vertical milling machine
1-milling cutter, 2-spindle, 3-overarm, 4-base, 5-table, 6-slides, 7-knee, 8-sole plate

Knee-type milling machines have advanced technological capability, due to the fact that the spindle on machines of such type is positioned vertically, some machine models of this group allow spindle shift along its axis and rotation around horizontal axis.

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Versatile (multipurpose) milling machines

Описание: Versatile (multipurpose) milling machines

Compared with horizontal milling machine, it has additional spindle head on the sliding overarm besides the main one; additional head can move in two mutually perpendicular planes in any direction; structurally both simultaneous operation and isolated operation using both spindles are possible. In this type of machines the adjustment of transferrable milling cutter on the rotary cutter is possible due to such structural adjustment; machining of complex work pieces is possible using such type of machines, not only using milling operation, but also using drilling, boring and core drilling procedures.

Versatile (multipurpose) milling machines

Kneeless design of versatile milling machines is possible; with such design, the carriage with horizontal guides slides with vertical working surface and grooves moves along vertical base guides, on which the table and other attachments are fixed.

Design of such type of machines to fit wide operating conditions makes them in demand and suitable first of all for development and tool shops, for production of different attachments, wide range of tools, stamps, templates etc.

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Multi-operated milling machining centres

  • Vertical milling machining centres
    • Vertical milling centres with rolling guides
      • Vertical milling machining centre with pallet changer
      • Vertical milling machining centre
      • CNC vertical milling machining centre
    • Machining centres with sliding guides
      • Vertical machining centre with sliding guides
      • Heavy-duty vertical milling machine
      • Vertical milling machining centre
  • Horizontal milling machining centres
    • Horizontal milling machining centre
    • CNC horizontal milling machining centre
  • Bridge-type milling machining centres
    • Five-axis CNC linear motor milling machining centres
    • Three-axis CNC linear motor milling machining centre
    • Bridge-type vertical milling machining centre
    • CNC boring machines
    • 5-axis milling machining centres

Base-type milling machines

First of all, the base-type milling machines are suitable for milling large work pieces using different types milling cutters.

Machines of such type can be of double-column and single-column design. The treatment of work pieces using the base-type milling machines is possible both when the table is movable and the spindle heads are steady and, on the contrary, treatment of work pieces is possible when both the table and the spindle heads are moving.

Vertical and horizontal kneeless-type milling machines

Kneeless-type milling machines are used for groove surface machining (vertical, horizontal, inclined) in large-size work pieces. The machine structure has no knee, the table moves along the base guides mounted on the foundation. Such design provides for more rigidness and working accuracy in comparison to knee-type machines; machining of heavy-weight and large-size work pieces is possible using kneeless-type milling machines. The spindle head is at the same time gearbox, it moves along vertical guides of the column. The possibility for the axial shift of the spindle to adjust the milling cutter to the required size is also provided for in the machines of this type.

Drilling and milling machines

Drilling and milling machines Drilling and milling machines

Are used for thread-cutting procedures, boring and milling of work pieces. They are extremely universal machines which allow simultaneous execution of several associated technological processes and drilling and milling procedures of work pieces.

ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) offers the following range of drilling group machines:

  • Milling mini-machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Drilling Machines with Numerical Program Control

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Lathe machines are used for such technical processing operations as cutting and lathe turning of parts and work pieces made of various materials (metals, wood etc).

Lathes are suitable for the following part processing types:

  • Turning и boring of contoured, conical and cylindrical surfaces
  • Trimming
  • Thread cutting
  • End working
  • Hole making operations: hole enlarging, hole reaming, drilling
  • Rough cut
  • Chamfering

ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) offers a lot of turning equipment which widens greatly the technological capabilities of lathes.

ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) offers the following range of lathe machines:



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