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Representative office in Ukraine

engineering in Ukraine

At the beginning of 2003 ENCE GmbH opened its subsidiary in Ukraine, OOO “INTECH SA”, which is a self-dependent legal entity. It represents our Company’s interests on the territory of Ukraine and Byelorussia. The office is located in the historical center of the city, in Pecherskiy region, 5 minutes’ walk from Krechshatik.

Contact information:
Address: Ukraine, Kiev, Luteranskaya str. 21А/12
Tel.: +38 044 253 0733 (0833)
+38 044 253 1696 (5840)
Fax: 38 044 253 9442
The director general: Mr. Peter P. Govorun

The Company worked a lot with chemical plants in Russia and managed to make use of this previous experience in Ukraine’s enterprises producing chemical fertilizers. Such enterprises are JSC “AZOT” / Cherkassy, Odesskiy Priportoviy Zavod / Odessa, JSC “Concern Stirol” / Gorlovka, SGPP “Obyedineniye AZOT” / Severodonetsk, OAO “DneprAzot” / Dneprodzerzhinsk, OAO “Rovnoazot” / Rovno, PROCTER & GAMBLE UKRAINE, OAO "Pervomaiskkhimprom”.

engineering in Ukraine

We also aim to expand the scope of our work into other branches of industry, such as oil and gas equipment manufacturing and metallurgy. At present we work with OAO “Zaporozhstal”, AO “Makeevski Metallurgicheski Kombinat”, AO “Khartsyzski Trubnyi Zavod”, AO “Poltavski GOK”, AO “LUKOIL-Odesski NPZ”, AO “Ukrnafta”, GU “Lvovgazdobycha”, AO “Ukrtatnafta”, OAO “Nikolaevski Glinozyomnyi Zavod”, AO “Kievgorstroi”, AO “AVTRAMAT”, AK “Dnistrogidroenergo”, a number of shipyards and many others.

engineering in Ukraine

OOO «INTECH SA» / Kiev can operate not only as an exclusive representative of ENCE GmbH in Ukraine, but it can also fully satisfy the customers’ needs and save the clients’ time and money by arranging customs clearance and delivering goods right to the end destination. It is entitled to conclude contracts for the delivery of the equipment and arrangement of customs clearance accepting payments in domestic currency on terms of DDP customer’s warehouse. In this connection ENCE GmbH / Switzerland, as the subsidiary’s founder, will act as the deliveries’ warrantor and organize the necessary financing of the projects. OOO «INTECH SA» / Kiev firmly sticks to the policy of ENCE GmbH, i.e. strives to render all possible technical, legal and finantial assistance to customer plants. We are eager to work not only with big projects but small orders for import of spare parts as well, because it is the only way to mutual understanding and co-operation.

The staff of the Ukrainian company numbers 9 employees. We see one of our foremost objectives in constant communication with the customers as well as detection and specification of the range of technical questions the client poses. The vast working experience of INTECH SA allows us to suggest the optimal engineering decisions and equipment meeting DIN, ISO and API standards.

engineering in Ukraine

Many Ukrainian enterprises we deliver equipment to show especial interest in the equipment of General Electric, with which company ENCE GmbH/Switzerland has entered into a distributive agreement as regards the equipment delivery.

Chemical and metallurgical enterprises going through the stage of reconstruction and modernization also manifest a considerable interest in the new series of Flender reducing gears, Shin Nippon Machinery pumps and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries equipment.

For pumping oil products and other corrosive media to the effect of high reliability, long service life and minimal costs we recommend Apollo-Gössnitz GmbH pumps.

If you aim at high-performance hard deposits disposal, which end proves relevant for a good many Ukrainian enterprises, including shipyards, mineral fertilizer manufacturers and power engineering companies, we suggest using KAMAT units. (For more detailed information about the above-mentioned equipment see our partners).

engineering in Ukraine

OOO «INTECH SA» / Kiev is looking forward to getting in touch with new customers and partners in Ukraine, first of all, in such branches as gas-and-oil industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, ore mining and chemical industries, power industry, heavy engineering.

OOO «INTECH SA» / Kiev is in search of experts. The following vacancies are advertised: manager of gas-and-oil equipment and manager of ore mining and metallurgic equipment (You can send your resume directly to INTECH SA).

Waiting for your proposals to co-operation and inquiries for projects and equipment.

engineering in Ukraine

You can send your comments to ENCE GmbH / Kiev or ENCE GmbH / Moscow.


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