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Representative Office in Spain and Southern Europe

The key objective of our Representative Office in Spain is to promote in Southern Europe technical solutions, process lines, individual facilities and components of ENCE GmbH, including BUKANG plant, Republic of Korea, mostly focusing on ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and machine-tool businesses.

Representative Office address:

Pza. Maria Dolores Goia 4, 2 Iz., 20015 San Sebastián, Spain
Phone: +34661940678

Representative of ENCE GmbH in Spain and Southern Europe: Alexander Strasberg

Representative Office in Spain and Southern Europe has been in business since January 2017. Besides involvement in major engineering projects its employees are targeting to market and participate in bidding procedures of metallurgical companies for the supply of fast-wear parts and components manufactured at the facilities of ENCE GmbH in Republic of Korea, namely, BUKANG, and at the plants of its partners.

  • Submersible bottom drums, stabilizing and adjusting rollers, roller holders (feet, arms) for steel strip hot-dip galvanizing lines;
  • Sleeves, liners and friction bearings from high-alloy steels and alloys;
  • Hard-alloy parts, such as blades for shears, metal-cutting knives;
  • Rotors and blades for gas turbines;
  • Parts from special alloys or stainless steel with ceramic coating or ceramic inserts (friction bearings);
  • Heat-resistant alloy parts, including grate bars, riders;
  • Heat-resistant furnace rollers;
  • Conveyor rollers and rollers for other applications;
  • Bronze and brass special items (sleeves, rings, tooling), including those used for stainless steel pressing;
  • Copper parts, including mold tubes, tuyeres and tuyere coolers;
  • Conical and globoidal gears, pinion and worm gear pairs, pinions;
  • Elements of screw-down mechanisms for rolling mills and respective assemblies;
  • Spindles and universal joint shafts for slow-speed heavy machinery drives;
  • Rolls for cold and hot rolling mills.

The representative office is willing to be actively involved in engineering studies on refurbishment of metallurgical facilities in the region and offers not only mechanical part improvement, but also implementation of breakthrough solutions in process control and automation systems for furnaces, rolling equipment, press-forging, hot-dip galvanizing or pre-painting lines, as well as quality control, automatic slitting and cut-to-length, secondary processing and packaging lines.

Our employees are always at your disposal for any questions and cooperation.

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