and high-tech

Development history of manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ»)

Our manufacturing and engineering company, ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ»), was registered on 15.04.1999 as a juridical person in Hergiswil, the Nidwalden canton (Switzerland). However, long before the Company’s official registration the future partners and employees of the Company carried on the enterprising technical and commercial work supplying process equipment and providing service maintenance for the enterprises of chemical and mining industry in the CIS countries. In 1996 the Company started to work over the modernization and effectiveness increase in NPK fertilizing production and made the complete delivery of the equipment. This was achieved in cooperation with and by means of engineering Company OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, Russia.

The business was gradually developing in the CIS and in Europe, own manufacturing facilities in machinery construction were developed. As a result, there was formed the basic staff consisting of highly qualified specialists able to integrate application of modern technical knowledge, operation of own machinery construction manufacturing facilities, high experience in law of foreign countries and creative approach to their business. ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company sticks to the basic policy of the company — to render all possible technical, legal and commercial assistance for the plants in CIS and Europe in production modernization and delivery of modern equipment purchased in various countries, including the equipment fitting with high-tech parts made of special steels, alloys and ceramics produced by the company.

The main purpose of ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company is to solve the problems facing the plants in CIS and Europe, and not just to supply the beforehand specified equipment of the well-known manufacturers.

ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company makes its best efforts to propose to the customers not only well known equipment but also the alternative variants offering modern equipment and complete systems which have been unknown to the customer, as well as separate solutions intended to improve the equipment reliability using the parts made of special steels, alloys, bronze and ceramics produced by the company. This policy became the background for the Company name ENCE GmbH Engineering of Chemical Equipment — in order to stress the Company’s creative technical approach to the customers in contrast to the intermediary companies. Our company wishes not only to develop an optimal technical solution but also to take part in its implementation, using, among others, own manufacturing facilities.

In the following years ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company, Switzerland, together with its engineering and service centre — company OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ« (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, Russia, developed its business mostly in Russia.

Same as OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, Russia, the Company is a juridical person with the possibility of independent commercial activity in Russia.

This allowed to expand the opportunities of the Company in rendering of the engineering service, holding primary investigations of the state of the existing equipment, calculating the technical commercial efficiency of the working-out projects, in giving the transport support and arranging the customs clearance of the arriving goods and spare parts, in storing and service maintaining of the installed equipment.

The expansion of cooperation with Russian enterprises and the increasing number of customers was the reason why ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company opened its official representative office in Moscow, Russia on April 8, 2002. The representative office ООО «ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ« (ENCE GmbH) in Russia was legally registered and accredited in the Ministry of Foreign Affaires in Russia. It is not engaged in the commercial activity. It renders consulting services in the company’s activity and represents its interests in any kind of activities.

For the successful work of ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company in Russia and for the increase of the guarantee obligations of the head Company and its service centre  OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, Russia, in the Russian market, ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») / Switzerland acquired property on the territory of Russian Federation at the following address: 105082, Moscow, M. Pochtovaya, 12. Website —

Moreover, engineering company OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ« (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, Russia ( was certified as a service centre and 25.03.2008. authorized capital stock of the company was increased to 15 000 000 RUB (640 000 CHF).

Developing business in the chemical, oil-refining, metallurgical and mining industry the Company has established good partnership connections in different CIS countries Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, and therefore it was decided to set up new representative offices and service centres.

In 2001 ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company opened the representative office in Uzbekistan and registered it in the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Later that year there was acquired as property the office in Uzbekistan at the following address:

100003, Tashkent, Chilanzarskiy region, Massiv Alzamar, 16/1, apartment 66. Website —

In 2002 there was acquired as property the office in Ukraine at the address: 01001, Kiev, Luteranskaya str. 21A/12, (website — and in 2003 the subsidiary office and service center of «ENCE GmbH» — OOO «ИНТЕХ СА» (LLC Intech SA) / Kiev, were opened with the right to manage the independent commercial activity in the national currency.

In 2006 ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company, Switzerland, opened an affiliate of representative office «ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ» in Atyrau, Kazakhstan with the following address:

060005 Atyrau, Smagulova, 56 а, office 2, website —, whose staff cooperate with company ТОО «ИНТЕХ СА« (LLC Intech SA) , Kazakhstan, to supply equipment and service maintenance for oil refineries as well as drilling, oil production and field operation plants.

In 2008 expanding its activity in the post-Soviet area, ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company set up a representative office in the Baltics — and

In 2008 ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») manufacturing and engineering company, Switzerland, started setting up a wide network of representative offices in Russia. In April 2008 representative office OOO «;ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ» (ENCE GmbH) in Ural region was registered with the following address:

Russia, 622001, Nizhniy Tagil, Novostroy st., 20А, office 18, website —

In 2011 the representative office of OOO «ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ» (ENCE GmbH) manufacturing and engineering company, Russia was established in Lipetsk for active cooperation, jointly with OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, with Russian non-ferrous and ferrous plants. Address:

Russia, 398059, Lipetsk, Lenina st., 11, off.305, website —

In 2012 representative office OOO «ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ» (ENCE GmbH), Russia, Cherepovets, was registered. The representative office is mainly involved in carrying out engineering projects and integrated supply of equipment under international contracts or domestic agreements by means of company OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC Intech GmbH), Moscow, for ferrous plants and medium machinery plants. Address: Russia, 162614, Vologodskaya oblast, Cherepovets, M.Gorkogo st., 32, office 614/2, website —

Since 2014 ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») is a coowner of BUKANG machinery plant, Yeongcheon, Republic of Korea. The two companies have jointly worked out a plan of further production developing and boosting supplies of the following products to the CIS and European countries:

  • parts made of stellen and submersible equipment for hot galvanizing lines;
  • bushings, liners, plain bearings made of special steels, alloys and stellen, including those provided with ceramic coating or inserts made of ceramics;
  • turbine blade plates made of stellen and other alloys;
  • heat-resistant furnace rolls and rolls for other purposes, including the conveyor rolls;
  • clutches;
  • special parts made of bronze or brass;
  • pinions, toothed gear wheels, bevel gears, globoid gears, gear pairs;
  • spindles and cardan shafts for drives used in low-speed heavy-duty machines;
  • rolls for cold rolling and hot rolling mills.

A representative office of ENCE GmbH in Magnitogorsk was established in November 2015 for business development of the company ENCE GmbH at the territory of Russia and especially for project expansion and equipment and spare parts supplies based on customers’ requests for metallurgical enterprises.

A new representative office was set up in Spain in January 2017. The mission of the Spanish representative office is to expand ENCE GmbH activities in Southern Europe related to engineering projects in the metal industry and supply of parts and components made of special materials and alloys in our South Korean factory to active metal works and machine builders.

At present manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») taking advantage of experienced staff in its representative offices is involved in active development of its activity in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. In its strategic plans, ENCE GmbH is going to set up representative offices in these countries for more active cooperation.

At present ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») and its subsidiaries process inquiries, supply equipment and offer servicing to more than 1000 customers in CIS countries (in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan), as well as in the Baltics and Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania).

ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») has concluded agreements about the cooperation in CIS countries or some CIS regions with a number of producers.

Agreements in the chemical and oil-and-gas industries with:

  • Thermal Ceramics — Italy (refractory materials for chemical, oil-refinery industry, metallurgy and power engineering)
  • WOMA GmbH — Germany (high-pressure piston pumps for equipment cleaning in chemical industry and oil & gas processing)
  • Yamatake Europe N.V., Belgium (shutoff and control valves, sensors, gauges, controllers, detectors for chemical industry and oil & gas processing)
  • TOFAMA S.A., Poland (chemical pumps for sulfuric acid production).
  • MWL Apparatebau GmbH, (MAG Grimma), Germany (high-pressure shell-and-tube heat exchangers for gas processing and chemical industry).
  • Apollo, Germany (chemical and oil centrifugal pumps acc. to API or ANSI for chemical industry, oil treatment and formation pressure maintenance systems).
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan (hydraulic piston (plunger) FG type pumps)
  • Shin Nippon Machinery (SNM), Japan (chemical centrifugal pumps and turbines for gas processing plants). Teikoku Electric Mfg, Japan (leakproof centrifugal pumps for pumping toxic and aggressive media).
  • Teikoku Electric Mfg, Japan (leakproof centrifugal pumps for pumping toxic and aggressive media).
  • Vacono Aluminium Covers GmbH, Germany (aluminum and floating roofs (pontoons) for volatile liquids storage).
  • HAUKE-MP GmbH, Austria (piston and diaphragm high-pressure dosing pumps).
  • Sundstrand Corporation, USA (high-speed centrifugal pumps and Sundyne compressors acc. to API)

In metallurgy and power engineering:

  • BUKANG, Republic of Korea (submersible bottom drums, rollers, plain bearings, bushings, special parts made of stellen and special alloys, rolls for cold rolling and hot rolling, clutches, toothed geared parts);
  • Valmeca S. A., France (parts made of stellen and complex alloys)
  • Duraloy Technologies, Inc., USA (bottom submersible barrels, rollers, slide bearings, bushings made of stellen and special alloys)
  • INDEECO, USA (industrial electric gas and liquids heaters)
  • CMI Industries, Belgium (heating furnaces and steel band coating and galvanizing lines).
  • High-pressure hydraulic and process pumps)
  • RST GmbH, Germany (process facilities cleaning equipment).
  • CS Combustion Solutions GmbH, Austria (burners and flare systems)
  • Sundwig, Germany (equipment for ferrous industry)
  • Zumbach, Switzerland (equipment for ferrous industry)
  • SKET, Germany (equipment for ferrous industry).

For the last ten years of development there has been finalized a field of activities of ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») which is as follows:

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») together with its service сentre in Moscow, Russian company OOO «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC Intech GmbH) / Moscow, is engaged in active promotion activity; for information about our company’s activity please visit the website in Belgium (,Germany (, Spain (, Switzerland (,Brazil (, Japan (, Singapore (, South Africa ( and the USA (, or visit this website in different world languages:

русский -

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The primary line of the Company’s activities is the engineering and equipping of the complete unit or aggregate with the following delivery, commissioning, putting into operation and service maintenance. ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») aims at participating in the investment projects both independently and on partner terms with other companies.

The Company is interested in the extending of cooperation with big companies that are ready to participate in the construction of new plants and complete reconstruction of the existing facilities in order to use the whole potential of the Company’s engineers employed in CIS and European countries. manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH («ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ») will discuss the plans for cooperation in CIS and European countries with every interested company.

For further information about the work of manufacturing and engineering company and its subsidiaries, supplied equipment, please visit other webpages.